Orinda badly needs new tax revenue to repair and maintain its roads and other elements of its deteriorating infrastructure.  But the current Ten Year Plan, starting with the Measure L sales tax, is not the plan which will get us there.  Fresh ideas, and probably fresh thinkers, are needed to solve Orinda's infrastructure problem.  If there were no strings attached, passing Measure L would not be that bad.  But (1) once the voters pass one tax, they will believe they can sit back for a long time and wait to see how things progress so they will not demand more thinking and (2) those on the Council who are responsible for Measure L and the accompanying Ten Year Plan are betting on exactly that reaction so they have no incentive to explore other opportunities if Measure L passes.  They will just wait another four years, apply for another four year term based on the "success" of Measure L, and then we will be stymied for another four years with, at best, marginally improved roads; ten years after the Infrastructure Committee detailed the depth of our infrastructure deficit in 2006.

 To more fully understand the issues and opportunities visit the Orinda Road Facts web site.

Do not support Measure L.  Demand a real solution to our infrastructure problems from our city leaders.  Ask how such a plan was adopted in the first plance.  Orinda deserves better.